Upon completion of asbestos surveys to identify and confirm the presence of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s), in contrast to a lot of our competitors we are able to provide ongoing professional consultancy services specifically in relation to any asbestos remediation works that are required, and ensure that such works are completed in strict accordance with any existing Legislation, Regulations and associated Guidance.
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Without the correct level of experience and understanding of the requirements for asbestos remediation, whether this be complete removal, encapsulation or minor works, the overall process of asbestos removal can be distressing and emotive, whilst the potential risks left behind by incomplete or unsatisfactory works include asbestos exposure and possibly further costs to correct the remediation.
With reference to the existing Legislative requirements, we have in place staff who are authorised Licensed Assessors and therefore able to ensure projects meet the exacting standards required by current legislation. Whilst we remain completely independent of any asbestos removal contractors, we do have in place qualified personnel with extensive experience to assist with any level of asbestos removal or remediation based on the following services:

• Attend site to assess the overall project conditions in order to identify the correct level of remediation required
• Collate and provide a project specific asbestos remediation Scope of Works or Specification
• In addition to the Scope of Works or Specification, we are also able to assist with tender return documentation
• Assist with the identification of suitable Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors (LARC)
• Act on behalf of the client during tender inspection visits by contractors, to ensure they have a full understanding of the project requirements
• In conjunction with the client, complete a review of all tenders received prior to contractor selection
• As part of the contractor selection process, we are also able to ensure that the contractor has in place various documentation for both equipment and personal training records as a further assurance they met all requisite areas of the specification and legislation.
• Ensure arrangements are in place for the required level of air monitoring, which is mandatory for any works relating to Friable materials. Such monitoring would be undertaken by an organisation with the relevant NATA Accreditation*.
• Where requested, we can present briefing sessions to client personnel in order that they are fully aware as to the procedures to be followed during asbestos remediation and at the same time answer any questions. Having such sessions completed, also benefits the occupants of a building by providing an understanding of the proposed works and in turn alleviate any fears they may have surrounding the extent, nature and procedures required for asbestos remediation.

Post contractor selection, our services are further expanded to accommodate various other aspects connected with the actual remediation. These include:

• Pre-commencement inspections to validate the contractor has the various levels of controls in place, including suitable decontamination facilities.
• Assessment to ensure the correct level of materials and equipment were available
• Inspections to confirm that any enclosures required are suitable for works to commence
• For friable works, the extent of the pre-commencement enclosure assessment and inspection, would also include integrity smoke testing and confirmation that suitable equipment were attached to the enclosure to constantly monitor the enclosure Negative Pressure
• Whilst removal works are ongoing, we are able to undertake routine site visits to confirm that all existing controls and procedures remain suitable
• Post removal of the works within the asbestos removal enclosure our staff are trained and have in place the required Workplace Health & Safety Licensing to enter the enclosure for the purposes of the clearance visual inspection. Such an inspection ensures that any areas of asbestos removal requiring further detailed decontamination are identified to the contractor and rectified accordingly.
• As and when the visual clearance were deemed satisfactory arrangements are then made for the independent NATA Testing facility* to undertake the clearance air sampling
• Post completion of the internal visual clearance and all associated air monitoring, SSS also take on the responsibility to ensure that all enclosure materials have been removed and that any areas affected by the asbestos remediation works were deemed suitable for normal occupation.

The final stages of any asbestos removal or remediation project should also encompass the review of the existing site asbestos register and management plan, and as with the preceeding stages, we have in place the experience to ensure all such documentation were amended to reflect any changes.