Do You Need A Survey?

Whilst the existing requirements for WH&S compliance and legislation do not require residential property holders to have in place Asbestos Containing Materials surveys or registers, we are able to offer this service. Having an asbestos register or testing results available prior to the following situations will assist in reducing the risk of asbestos exposure to all occupants of the premises, including owners, tenants, children and contractors alike.

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Prior to the sale or purchase of the property, and based on recent public awareness; real-estate agents, financial institutions and insurance companies are more often than not requesting asbestos surveys be conducted prior to the sale or lease of domestic properties. With the above in mind and if you intend to sell or purchase a property that contains asbestos containing materials, the overall cost associated with the removal of asbestos may well affect future renovations and the possible resale value of the property.
The requirement for the completion of asbestos surveys prior to any remediation or improvement works may also be required where contractors are appointed and the site may by default be considered a ‘Workplace’. The advantages to having an asbestos register or testing results available prior to works commencing, are as follows:

• The survey will as far as practicable and based on the level of access available, confirm the presence and nature of suspected ACM’s to be affected by the works
• Once the surveys are completed, all samples collected are analysed for the presence of asbestos in line with the requirements of NATA Accreditation*
• Additionally, the survey and results of analysis obtained shall assist with the identification and or clarification as to the presence of non-asbestos materials
• The report and sample results can be presented to any contractors in order to ensure they are aware of ACM’s and take this into account prior to quotation and in turn works commencing
• Arrangements can then be made for the safe removal of ACM’s by a licensed contractor prior to other works commencing.

  • Upon completion of any asbestos survey completed by SSS, suspected asbestos containing material samples collected are safely contained within sealed sample receptacle’s and uniquely identified in order that the sample reference and location, are consistent to the details recorded at the time and subsequently presented in the report and register.
  • In line with existing requirements of Workplace Health & Safety Legislation, arrangements are then made for the samples to be submitted to a testing facility with the correct level of NATA Accreditation*.   At this stage and as further reassurance of our commitment to quality and correct analysis procedures, all samples submitted are supported by a project specific Chain of Custody.
  • The subsequent procedures of the NATA Accredited facility, include for various and complex testing of the samples, from the initial assessment using low power stereo microscopes through to the final stages of the fibre identification utilising high power Polarised Light Microscopy and Dispersion Staining Techniques.
  • Upon overall completion of the sample analysis, the NATA Accredited certificates of analysis clearly detailing the results for the samples submitted are expedited in order that those results can be formulated within the final reports and registers.
  • Where on certain occasions, we identify high risk incidences encompassing suspected asbestos containing materials, we also have in place the maintained cooperation of the NATA Accredited facility* to ensure the proficient analysis of any samples accordingly.

Based on existing legislation and guidance, and for asbestos removal or disturbance activities within domestic properties, the property owner should refer to the guidance and requirements provided by the local council available on the WH&S link.