The majority of Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) appear to be aware of the existing legislative requirements to have in place an asbestos register for work place situations, and whilst this requirement can be fulfilled by having a survey completed and in turn production of a report suitable for the ongoing management of any Asbestos Containing Materials detected, future works within a building may determine that a management survey were insufficient.

Prior to any major works within a building deemed to be of an age where Asbestos Containing Materials were confirmed or suspected, full consideration should be given as to the completion of a more in depth survey using destructive or investigative techniques as far as practicable.   This type of destructive survey allows the asbestos consultant to ascertain the presence of suspected Asbestos Containing Materials concealed within the fabric or internal linings of a building, which were not previously recorded.

The overall extent of the destructive investigation should be based on the extent of building works to be completed and to ensure that all areas likely to be affected were included, whilst due to the nature of the survey, such activities should ideally be completed with the areas in question vacant. Such an investigation would include wall and ceiling penetrations, removal of void covers, uplifting of flooring and other access to previously restricted areas. There may also be a requirement for arrangements to be made for localised asbestos removal as and where other suspected Asbestos Containing Materials were concealed, for example, Asbestos within a ceiling void above an existing Asbestos ceiling.

Once completed and laboratory analysis undertaken to confirm the nature of any suspected materials detected, the main advantages that this type of investigation provide are:

  • Having a full and detailed assessment of Asbestos Containing Materials likely to be affected prior to building works commencing, means that quotations can be obtained and included within the overall financial budget for the works.
  • Additionally and more importantly, the fact that previously concealed Asbestos Containing Materials were identified, shall significantly reduce the risk of accidental asbestos exposure to not only any appointed contractors, but also occupants of a building who may remain in adjacent occupied areas.
  • Finally, having determined the extent of the Asbestos Containing Materials prior to the works commencing, will help to reduce project delays and expenditure often connected with unplanned events or circumstances.

Over the last few years, Safe Surveying Services have been commissioned by a selection of our existing clients and in turn new clients, to complete intrusive surveys in order that specifications can then be produced outlining as far as practicable, the range of Asbestos / Suspected Asbestos Containing Materials with the potential to impact future works.

The key benefits of such a service are:

  • Reduced Asbestos exposure risk during building works
  • Quotations in place for Asbestos removal prior to works commencing
  • Reduction of potential project delays and unplanned expenditure

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