For this project and prior to commencement, we were requested to collate and issue a details asbestos removal specification, whilst prior to the project commencing, and in light of the extent of friable materials to be removed, we were also requested to provide a project specific briefing to all the staff and other stakeholders within the building.

As with the separate project within the Otto Hirschfeld Building, SSS were again appointed by the University of Queensland in the role of asbestos consultant. The role of our appointment for this project, and further to the initial specification, was to monitor the performance of the selected contractor throughout all phases. This included regular site attendance to ensure all enclosures required were suitable and that the contractor continued to maintain procedures as required by not only the specification, but also the requirements of existing legislation.

For each of the phases we inspected the integrity of the enclosures, including ensuring suitable enclosure smoke testing were completed, whilst upon completion of each phase; we held responsibility for the final clearance visual inspections prior to returning the areas for subsequent works to continue.