As part of a major renovation project for an area of the above building and based on the previous identification of various ACM’s, we were appointed by the University of Queensland in the role of asbestos consultant. For this particular project and due to the overall extent of ACM’S and the complexities associated with such a large scale removal and decontamination project, our initial appointed related to the collation and provision of a project specific asbestos removal specification.

Further to the appointment of the Principal Contractor and in turn selected Asbestos Removal Contractor, our appointment was then extended to act on behalf of the University as their asbestos removal project manager. Within this role we took on responsibility for ensuring that the selected asbestos contractors had in place all the relevant training, equipment and other records required for them to complete the works not only in line with the specification, but also the existing Code of Practice for the Safe Removal of Asbestos.

Upon overall completion of the project, it was also our responsibility to visually inspect the standards of works and ensure all were suitable prior to returning the area for subsequent works to continue.